I am at my happiest

 when I am cooking: nurturing; creating harmony...I love a long winter's day in the kitchen, when one flavour inspires another; one dish leads to the next. Or summer days, heading out to the harbour to choose a fresh fish. One of my favourite feasts ever was the time we took a tiny portable braai to the beach to watch the sun set for the last time that year. I had bought a case of the most decadent prawns and we braaied them six at a time, eating each prawn straight off the fire, dipping them in a caramelized onion, coconut cream and coriander sauce. I didnít think they'd be finished, but they were!

I donít believe in providing set menus, preferring to work individually, understanding what it is that excites and delights your particular senses. But if you want to see some of the feasts I have prepared in the past, here are a few menus.